Thursday, June 21, 2018

Father's Day Success Updates!

Guys. Guys! Today was amazing, and I wanted to share to give you hope! 💖 
(posted on Facebook on 6/17/18)
➡️ Was able to stand and cook surprise breakfast in bed (with my kids help!) for my sweet husband for the first time on Father's Day! We had a great morning celebrating at home and I had energy after. Wow!

➡️ Went to the beach! I got to go to the beach today, and actually *got in the water*!!!
😁😁😁 It's been over 8 years! No PICC line or mediport keeping me from full contact beach fun with my family! Felt so good! Walked all over, was in the sun for hours, splashing in water, feeling wonderful and present and joyful the whole time. Zero symptoms. None! What a huge change!

➡️ Gardened in the sun and heat earlier today, snapped a few pics or new baby birds and butterflies. Again, walking lifting, carrying, symptoms, just enjoyment and lots of sweat! Which leads me to.....

➡️ I'm sweating again! My sweat function was impaired for years (autonomic small fiber neuropathy), and I was freezing all the time (Raynaud's). I started noticing this months ago, I'm not cold anymore (unless stressed!), and now I'm sweating normally! Yay!

➡️ I ate Vanilla Chex tonight! Have no clue why, but about a year ago they started bothering me. I've been tapping a ton on the roots of food fear and reactions, and just did it! Woohoo!

➡️ Posted some pictures of my awesome father, and reflected today on how incredible it is to be hanging out with him in "normal" situations now. He's been a rock for our family, and has dropped everything time and time again to help us when my health went south (which happened quite a bit!). Very grateful we are past that after all those years!

Yay for today! If you are curious about the 16 years of severe chronic illnesses I'm healing from, and how, check out this FB live about my background:

Happy Father's Day and much love!
- Claire

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