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Hi there! I get a lot of questions about what I'm doing to continue to heal so dramatically, and how it's happened so fast.  

In a nutshell, I'm doing NEUROPLASTICITY

Well, what the heck is that? 
Neuroplasticity is simply the brain's ability to change - it is not "hardwired" as was previously thought. Our brain is constantly forming new connections, it's changing as it's exposed to our experiences and the stimulus from the outside world. We have the ability to do what I like to call "Brain PT," aka Brain Physical Therapy, and use brain exercises to rewire unwanted links and patterns we many have formed unconsciously. Bonus - no medicine! No side effects!

SIDENOTE: Many syndromes and chronic illnesses are a result of the body being stuck in fight or flight mode, which can cause inflammation, which can cause immune system issues. This makes us more open to infections, fungus, mold reactions, food sensitivities, autonomic issues, pain, swelling, skin problems, and a ton more of not-fun-things. These are REAL symptoms, REAL pains, REAL reactions. It is not imagined in any way, shape or form. The amazing thing is, that just like people can do Brain PT to recover from a stroke, chronically ill people can do Brain PT to recover, heal, and relieve symptoms from most chronic illness and pain syndromes! I am living proof of this, and I am not alone at all.

A great book to start with is The Brains Way of Healing, by Norman Doige, M.D.
(click below to purchase from Amazon, and yes, it's an affiliate link at no cost to you!):

This page is full of links to programs that are available that I've done, and my honest experiences with them. My daily routine is now completely customized, as I have been taking certification classes and learning things like Eutaptics, NLP, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, and Neuroscience in general on my own. My undergrad degree is in Biology, and I was a published research scientist and then a science teacher before I became seriously ill. When at my sickest (bedbound for years), I wrote a popular blog about POTS and Dysautonomia, and formed a nonprofit that worked with medical professionals to educate them about my previous conditions. Because of my background, once I started learning neuroplasticity and seeing results, I wanted to dig deeper so I could help others! I'm working to create an affordable custom supportive neuroplasticity program that will be available in the future.

Until then, here you go:

I'll get right to the point - the modality and program that has brought me BIG healing, and has brought it FAST, is called Eutaptics, aka FasterEFT.



Find a free intro course here.

Find a general overview of the science behind Faster EFT here.

Learn about their other courses here.

I took the Online Level 1 "Heal Yourself" course with Mentoring, and it was fantastic! There are tons of free videos on their site as well.

Here's a blog post on the Faster EFT site about my healing, if you're curious. It's far from complete, but gives an idea of the amazing progress I've made in just a few months. 

Me out walking on a hiking trail at First Landing State Park here in Virginia Beach! What a change from being stuck in a wheelchair and dependent on IV fluids daily!

Working with a highly qualified practitioner has been the best decision and money I've spent on my health, hands down. 

My practitioner has guided me along this journey and is familiar with neuroplasticity. She is amazing! You can find her here

Below is a great video with 4 incredible women (including my practitioner, Jean) who healed their chronic illness using FasterEFT as their main modality:


I have also tried a few structured neuroplasticity programs aimed at healing limbic trauma (being stuck in fight or flight mode). I found great supportive neuroplastic help from The Gupta Programme. Adding Faster EFT to the Gupta Programme turbocharged my healing.


The Gupta Programme

I love much of the Gupta Programme. I ordered this as an gentler alternative when DNRS (see below) was not working for me anymore, as they had no supportive tools while in a major flare of illness. Gupta teaches neuroplasticity, mindfulness, meditation, and has a ton of supportive tools that you can do at your own pace, and he is very laid back and is NOT achievement or fast results oriented, which I found to be calming and a relief for my previously stressed out system. The program also includes 12 weeks of live interactive webinars hosted by Gupta himself, which have been wonderful. I have since developed my own opinions and techniques, but this is a great starting point on your healing journey! Here is the first on a series of free videos that explain his theory, and you can get a feel for his program:


DNRS - The Dynamic Neural Retraining System

I started with DNRS, and found it to be a great "bootcamp" style of retaining (their words), but lacking in support, even with paid coaching. It gives a solid explanation of neuroplasticity, and for some people, it's very effective and they see fast results. There is a big focus on fast results! My experience was that many, like me, needed more. When acute illness was an issue (I had a second round of blood stream infections and major reactions to meds in  July 2017), I had to stop doing DNRS, as it was too intense and increased symptoms.  I also am not a fan of "hiding" from trauma, and avoiding therapy, which is what DNRS suggests while rewiring your brain.

Here are a few other programs that are available that I have zero experience with, but may be worth checking out if you are researching a compliment to Faster EFT:


ANS Rewire


Lightning Process


*** I have no monetary affiliation with any program listed, except Faster EFT, as I am training to be a certified practitioner because I believe so strongly in it. All these opinions (and I have quite a few) are my own!

Dealing with trauma, childhood stress, and finding the lifelong patterns that contribute to being stuck in fight or flight mode (which causes inflammation and immune dysfunction) have been essential in my healing. 


My personal opinion is that for people dealing with long time chronic illness, it is imperative to address those root causes, especially if you are looking for long term health, both physical and emotional. Faster EFT/Eutaptics does this, and for me, the results have been FAST and intensely life changing, in a wonderful way!

Stay tuned for more info, as I plan to expand this section as I learn more and continue on my journey. Check out the Reading Links page for more excellent books about neuroplasticity!  

 If you are curious about my background, check out my old blog HERE.


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